The world’s first transformable boat fender. Traditional boat fenders can be annoying. They never seem to be the right size, they are limited in their usage, they are a pain to store and always seem to get in the way. SMART FENDERS address all of these issues.

Split them ...
Removing the back of the SMART FENDER leaves the front with a curved surface that conforms to a piling. Two built-in grooves allow you to strap the fender securely to a piling. (Back half can pad a pole).

... stack them ...
SMART FENDERS connect vertically allowing you to create an extra-long fender which is especially useful where tides are involved or for boat-to-boat rafting.

... or use them as they are
SMART FENDERS also work like a traditional fender although they have several advantages

• Line can be pre-set for your boat and is then stored in the neck of the fender
• The fenders stand on their own for easy storage
• PVC construction; will not scuff your boat
• Inflatable but still offer protection even if uninflated

smart fenders docking
smart fenders for dock
smart fenders for docking