Stationary Dock


Here you can find Connecticut Stationary Docks near me, our dock experts will be happy to come to your location to help you realize your vision for Stationary docks today.

stationary dock

Docks for Rivers, Lakes and Harbors

Kayak Launch dock

Our Connecticut Docking system can be used on any shoreline to enhance your waterfront experience. Choose from a multitude of plastic and metal anchoring options that can be used to secure the Dock from shallow tidal flats to rivers, lakes and even deep harbors. Add onto your dock system with a drive on jet ski lift or kayak and canoe storage rack.


Compared to traditional systems and even other dock products, Our Dock’s connection system makes installation a quick and straight forward process and can even be done on the water using our installation tool.


Connecticut Dock products require less maintenance than a traditional wood dock system. Due the unique paver pattern surface that will channel water and light gray color that hides dirt, they will maintain their high-end appearance for longer before needing to be cleaned.


CT Docks are made with the strongest materials for docks with low density light weight and are backed by an 8-year limited warranty. Given the fact that Connecticut Dock’s first customers were industrial operators, you can rest assured that our marine products were built to withstand the harshest conditions.